Prayed Up, Cleaned Up, and Pumped!

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When I was a boy my grandmother would often use two phrases with me – ‘prayed up’ and ‘cleaned up’.  To be ‘prayed up’ meant you’d been with the LORD.  You’d had time with the Master and now were ready to face your circumstance – whatever it might be – because you’d rightfully taken your petition/s to the KING and left it there.  Being prayed up meant that whatever was ‘on’ you or ‘at’ you before was no longer your bother. it was HIS, and you could go on.  You were… ‘prayed up.’

Now ‘cleaned up’ was not so romantic, or that’s what I thought until I’d heard it from my Mama May when she’d say to me, “Sammy, go get cleaned up now,” What she meant - and I mean really meant – was go get cleaned up enough for my ‘next’.  Get cleaned up for church, for dinner, for school, for company – and whatever else was next, which most often was church.  And, oh how I hated it when the time came for her to inspect labor - my hands (both sides) and… my ears! Ouch!


Well Saturday, I was blessed to witness ample expressions of both of these phrases. As I walked into the TheChurch@JuniusHeights Saturday morning, I could hear Mama May saying to me, ‘Sammy, are you prayed up?” And, “Sammy, are you cleaned up?” Well I was, and… we did. Exactly! We began church today as we should, by praying. Prayed up to clean up we held our first work day, making ready for the construction improvements which will follow.  Yes, today we came prayed up to clean up and walked away pumped!  

As morning turned to afternoon I moved on. Leaving the good laborers inside the church-house, I was blessed to do something I absolutely love. With 5 others I walked the neighborhood door to door, visiting and telling folks about the new church and inviting them to attend. Nothing fancy. Nothing strange.  Just walking the streets and being nice. And though our clothes were now turned damp from work and the heat of the day, the smiles on our faces spoke of something other – of neighbors serving much the way of Jesus. So that soon, very soon now we might, once again... prayed up and cleaned up…

Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise!

Pastor Sam